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Poor ventilation, uncomfortable temperatures, formaldehyde, mould and odours have been linked to health effects ranging from mild irritation to cancers.

Mould Busters Environmental Check Service will ensure that all  health risks associated with air quality and comfort within the built environment are managed. We will provide a building ( private or commercial) inspection and  recommendations to ensure continued, maintained and managed building health.


Why to check your living environment? 

ABOUT 95 PERCENT OF all indoor pollutants ARE NOT VISIBLE

Mould, pollen, house dust mites and animal hair are among the most important allergens in the environment. Over 100,000 different moulds live worldwide, of which about 100 are sure to be allergenic. The most vulnerable people are people who already suffer from an allergy.

Why choose us

As a locally owned and operated business, Mould Busters Environmental Check Services  the most technologically advanced indoor environmental assessment services in Ireland together with effective remediation services to Ireland. We can provide mould and damp inspection, mould testing, indoor air quality testing, thermal imaging and mould and pest removal, deep cleaning and disnfection services for both residential and commercial clients.

Most assessment companies are not able to preform the necessary remediation services to actually solve the problem. .

At Busters Environmental Check, we pride ourselves on providing quality service, together with affordable rates and a professional attitude.

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Pathogens removal and disinfection services 

Once the mould has spread, it can cause countless symptoms – from tearing eyes, asthma and fatigue to respiratory infections